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  • Issue #31: GameShift Beta, Breakpoint, and Hyperdrive Hackathon Winners

Issue #31: GameShift Beta, Breakpoint, and Hyperdrive Hackathon Winners

Breakpoint Recap, Gameshift Beta, Google BigQuery, Hyperdrive Winners, RIP Holaplex

Breakpoint 2023 has come to a close. Sadly, I was not able to attend, but the vibe on Twitter is buzzing right now and luckily no one went blind.

Overall, the state of Solana right now is strong, and the good news just keeps flowing.

$SOL also saw a nice jump from the announcements coming out of Amsterdam.

I wouldn’t even be able to pack everything that came out of Breakpoint in a single newsletter, so I’ve highlighted some of the biggest news for developers below in detail like the GameShift beta release, Hyperdrive winners, and Google BigQuery integration.

Some other notable announcements were:

🎲 GameShift Beta is Live

GameShift Beta by Solana Labs is meant to provide a bridge for developers to incorporate blockchain elements into their games.

With a developer-friendly API, GameShift simplifies the transition to Web3 gaming, eliminating the need for extensive blockchain knowledge and allowing developers to focus on game creation.

The platform enables in-game asset transactions without requiring cryptocurrency making Web3 gaming more accessible for both developers and players.

🗃️ Google BigQuery Solana Integration

Google's BigQuery has officially integrated with the Solana blockchain enabling developers to access and analyze historical data from over 215 billion transactions.

The integration reduces the complexity and overhead associated with the data extraction and transformation processes.

BigQuery's machine learning and data warehousing capabilities simplify data handling, Developers can execute complex queries to build user-friendly platforms and enhance the overall utility of Web3 apps.

🥇 Hyperdrive Global Hackathon Winners

7,000 registrants from over 120 countries submitted 907 projects!

The Hyperdrive Grand Champion was FluxBot, a Telegram bot for fast access & onboarding into the Solana ecosystem backed with ML capabilities to interact with the Solana blockchain.

The winners of each track were:

Huge congrats to all the winners, and make sure you check out the full list of winners and honorable mentions.

💎 Solana Developer News

Solana NFT Analytics Starter Guide
Covers the accounts and data structures of the the different kinds of NFT standards (NFT, pNFT, xNFT, cNFT) with example queries covering basic Solana analysis.

Solana: The Monolith
Solana stands apart from other blockchains with its low latency, affordable fees, unified layers, and strategic hardware use. This overview gives you the key takeaways of Delphi Digital’s deep-dive Solana report.

⚡Quick Hits

Solana Top Projects Market Map - @kelxyz_

Breakpoint Recap on tech, economics, finance, payments, gaming, and DePIN - @w4vitale

D.A.G.G.E.R. Testnet Phase 1 Learnings - ShdwDrive

Auto-Confirm is live on Phantom mobile with 7 trusted apps - @phantom

⚙️ Tools & Resources

solana-tx-parser-public is a solution for parsing arbitrary Solana transaction data and logs.

Soda Rust Template provides a command-line interface Rust perfect for backend-focused Solana applications

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Accelerate your Solana Development

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It’s never good news when a project calls it quits, but it’s part of the ecosystem. So when a notable project shuts down I’ll be sharing that in this new #RIP section

 💀 #RIP Holaplex

After exhaustive efforts and exploring multiple avenues, it's with a heavy heart we announce the shutdown of Holaplex Inc.

Holaplex Inc has announced its shutdown effective November 30th.

The company onboarded 10,000 artists and generated $20M in market volume for creators, and their new product, HUB, was behind the largest NFT drop on Solana.

Holaplex is seeking someone to take over the open-sourced HUB and for it to be maintained by the ecosystem.

Existing users of HUB will be notified once a new project has taken over and how to self custody NFTs to port them off of HUB.

🎙️ Listen to This

The Next Billion

Superteam’s Kash Dhanda highlights the ongoing crypto bull market's positive impact, particularly on Solana, with increased funding and attention benefiting the ecosystem.

Also discussed is the Hyperdrive hackathon on Solana, the largest crypto hackathon, which brought 900+ submissions, emphasizing business competitions and attracting serious projects.

Host George Harrap brings up the Solana ecosystem's rapid growth, marked by numerous token launches and the anticipation of major announcements at the upcoming Breakpoint conference. (This podcast was released just before Breakpoint)

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