Issue #22: Clockwork Stops Ticking

Clockwork shuts down, Solana Pay WooCommerce Gateway, Monacode Hackathon, Elusiv Private swaps, and Solang on Solfate Podcast

🕰️ Clockwork shuts down

In Issue #13 I shared the news of Cardinal Labs shutting down, even after raising more than $5M.

Now Clockwork, which previously raised $4M, has announced they will stop all protocol development and deactivate its infrastructure by the end of October due to “limited commercial upside” and the team's interest in pursuing other projects.

Clockwork enabled users to schedule transactions and automate smart contracts on Solana, activating applications based on specific events.

Despite the shutdown, the on-chain programs will be frozen, and Clockwork's code will remain open-source for anyone looking to fork the project.

Fortunately, there are already some other apps like Switchboard, Helius, and Triggr that offer similar functionality.

💎 Solana Developer News

SolPress WooCommerce Payment Gateway
Allows for Solana Pay Payment Gateway on WooCommerce Stores. Currently supports USDC on Solana or any SPL token and supports all major wallets like Phantom, Brave, or xNFT Backpack.

Monacode Hackathon 2023
Compete for a pool of $10,000 in prizes and exclusive workshops in the very first Monaco Protocol Hackathon with the goal of improving and enhancing the prediction market & sports betting experience on the Monaco Protocol.

Elusiv Launches Private Swaps on Solana
Private token swaps are now live in the Elusiv WebApp allowing swaps between a number of assets without revealing any identifying information.

⚡Quick Hits

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

cNFTsForAll is designed to automagically mint compressed NFTs using the Underdog Protocol and deposit them into a fresh Tiplink wallet.

capi (cNFT API as a Service) provides APIs to mint compressed NFTs without the complexities of Merkle trees using the Helius DAS API to provide fast access to minted cNFTs.

gfx-ssl-v2-sdk is a Rust SDK and CLI for the GooseFX v2 CLMM protocol, including single-sided liquidity pools.

renaissance-platform is an open source Royalty Solution for NFT communities to track and redeem royalties.

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The leading suite of services connecting developers with Web3 infrastructure, powering applications in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, and everything in between.

🎙️ Listen to This


The creator and lead developer of Solang, Sean Young, a compiler that allow developers to write Solana programs (aka smart contracts) in the Solidity programming language.

This has been a multi year effort to allow existing Solidity developers, like all those existing in the Ethereum ecosystem, to use their existing language knowledge to write Solidity smart contracts on the Solana blockchain.

As a general overview, Sean describes how a compiler actually works. Including how compilers like Solang and even native Solana uses LLVM toolkit (Low Level Virtual Machine) to maximize compatibility for multiple programming languages.

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