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  • Issue #12: Cubik Developer Tools Grants, New NFT Standard and Speedrun Game Jam

Issue #12: Cubik Developer Tools Grants, New NFT Standard and Speedrun Game Jam

Cubik developer tools grants, Shadow NFT standard, Speedrun Game Jam, audit questions, MVP development, and a roundup of news and tools.

💰 Cubik Developer Tools Grants Round

Cubik’s first ever “Quadratically Funded” Grants Round for Developer tools on Solana is live.

Quadratic funding is a crowdfunding mechanism that aims to promote public goods. It works by ensuring that smaller contributors have a greater impact. Using a quadratic formula encourages grassroots support and prevents the domination of funding by a few whales, leading to a more democratic and inclusive funding model.

Community contributions will be quadratically matched to a pool of $5,000 USDC

At this time Cubik is focusing solely on developer tools as a public beta test. In the future the platform will be more inclusive with categories like NFTs, ecosystem, climate, consumer, and security.

If you’re building a developer tool on Solana you can create a profile to apply for a grant.

👻 Shadow NFT Standard

When Metaplex announced their controversial protocol fees GenesysGo said they would be offering an alternative, and now the Shadow NFT standard has been released.

The benefits of Shadow NFT are:

  • Less rent for creators to deploy collections

  • Less rent for minters

  • Code is fully open source and forkable (unlike Metaplex)

  • Simplified accounts structure to makes reads easier

  • Supports Token22

  • Future development governed by DAO

  • No 3rd party fees anywhere in the contract

While this is an important release, it’s up to wallet and marketplace developers to decide if they’re going to support it or not.

GenesysGo is currently in talks with Phantom, Tensor, MagicEden, Solportio, Solflare, and Backpack.

🎮 Solana Speedrun Game Jam

Magicblock and LamportDAO are announcing Speedrun, the first Solana Game Jam, a competition where developers have a limited time to create a game from scratch based on a given theme.

The theme will be revealed when the competition starts and you’re only allowed 120H max to build a playable game.

There are 2 main tracks: Fully on-chain and Solana-integrated with 25K worth of prizes for main and sponsored tracks.

💎 Solana Developer News

Auditors: what do you ask developers?
An audit involves a detailed analysis of code to identify security issues. Whether you’re performing an audit, or having your code checked, this is a list of questions to get auditors and developers on the same page before starting a full audit.

Developing with Compressed NFTs on Solana
This video by @burger606 covers why you would want to program with cNFTs, how they work, and examples of client and Solana program code.

Ten Effortless steps to Astonish and Captivate Your Future Users through a Rapid MVP Deployment
Wow… what a headline, right? An MVP validates your idea and reduces the risks of building a full-featured product, but it’s easy to get sidetracked. Here are ten roadblocks you might face when developing your MVP and how to avoid them.

Dune Solana Program Quickstart
Analyze any Solana program in 5 minutes and quickly understand the structure and usage of instructions, historical trend of activity, program activity, which instructions are called, and who is calling them, all without writing a single line of SQL.

⚡Quick Hits

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

solana-tools is a comprehensive list of tools for Solana developers that are publicly available now or in development.

solana-nextjs-starter is a Solana-powered Next.js boilerplate app for building efficient and scalable web applications with Tailwind, Radix UI, Wallet adapter, and all the build tools you need to get started quickly.

Bank-Simulator is a workshop and sample code to learn about on-chain automation using Clockwork by simulating interest returns in bank account.

Solana Play is a comprehensive guide for game developers to understand how to integrate Solana Play features into their projects.

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The leading suite of services connecting developers with Web3 infrastructure, powering applications in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, and everything in between.

🗓️ Events

Encode Club Hacker House

Paris, France
July 17 - 22, 2023

Get ready for 6 days packed with expert-led workshops, immersive week of co-working, workshops & hacking, and unforgettable networking opportunities at the Encode Club Hacker House in Paris.

🎙️ Listen to This

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In this episode Michael Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO of Star Atlas, a space exploration-themed RPG built on Solana, discusses the challenges of building AAA games like Star Atlas with a small team and the power of gaming as an educational tool for introducing web3 technology.

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