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  • Issue #32: Ironforge RPC Gateway and Breakpoint Video Summaries

Issue #32: Ironforge RPC Gateway and Breakpoint Video Summaries

Ironforge RPC Gateway, David Hoffman's Take on Breakpoint, Helius SecureRPC, Austin Federa on The Scoop Podcast

Have you caught your breath from everything announced at Breakpoint yet?

I hope so, and I hope you’re enjoying the $SOL pump!

I try to keep this newsletter focused on the developer view of things, but it is nice to see the price reflect the positivity in the Solana space right now.

We pushed through, built in the bear, and now we’re seeing those efforts pay off.

It might not be as crazy as the last couple weeks, but Solana never slows down (get it?) so here’s the latest roundup of what’s happening in the space this week…

⛩️ Ironforge RPC Gateway

When your app starts getting a lot of users, you need to be sure it’s ready to handle it!

One approach is to use multiple RPC providers and set up a primary-secondary strategy for availability and distribution, but this can be expensive and resource-intensive to manage.

Ironforge has stepped up and announced the Ironforge RPC Gateway, a collaboration with Helius and Triton One, two of the biggest and baddest providers in Solana.

The RPC Gateway simplifies managing your endpoints from these providers, or integrating a custom RPC. It also includes:

  • Intelligent Analytics to provide deep-dive metrics to monitor endpoint performance.

  • Diagnostic Logs for real-time, granular logs for quick bottleneck resolution.

  • Auto Failover for uninterrupted service with dynamic endpoint rotation.

  • Smart Alerts that allow customization of alerts for mission-critical notifications.

The Ironforge RPC Gateway aims to streamline RPC strategy, minimize resource use, and make your blockchain development more efficient.

💎 Solana Developer News

Breakpoint 2023 Video Summaries
Do you have time to go through all 199 videos from Breakpoint? Nope! Here’s a big shout-out to Solana Compass who used Whisper to grab high quality transcripts from each video, and then summarized each them using GPT4 to create a high level summary, key quotes, facts & figures, and a Q&A section.

David Hoffman: What I Learned at Solana Breakpoint
The guys at Bankless are pretty much unapologetic Ethereum/L2 maxis who never pass up a chance to take a swing at Solana with the same tired FUD we’ve all heard a million times already. So this is an interesting take from David Hoffman who attended Breakpoint and had some very positive thoughts on the community and vibe of Solana (with a subtle dig or two tossed in for good measure).

⚡Quick Hits

Helius launches SecureRPC URLs to prevent API key leaks - @heliuslabs

Solana Devs channel on WhatsApp - WhatsApp

Who are the best designers working in Solana? - @rajgokal

Backpack Mobile available in Google Play Store - Google Play

D.A.G.G.E.R. binaries for running a Wield node - ShadwDrive

Cymbal’s Human Readable Block Explorer now supports Solana - @cymbalxyz

A Starter's Guide to using SolanaFM Explorer - SolanaFM Insights

ExtendProgram feature activated on Mainnet - @solana_devs

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

mint.ts is a reference script to mint NFT's using the new Umi framework.

firedancer-validator provides instructions for deploying Firedancer nodes using Ansible.

BOLT (from Magicblock) is a scalable and composable SVM framework for fully-on-chain games focused on composability and scaling. This is possible with ephemeral rollups, leveraging specific operations in a dedicated runtime while programs and state remain on the L1.

🎙️ Listen to This

The Scoop

In this episode of The Scoop recorded live at Solana Breakpoint 2023 Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation, unpacks some of Breakpoint's biggest announcements and explains how Solana builders persevered through the depths of the bear market to continue enhancing Solana's tech.

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