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  • Issue #35: Lighthouse Introduced and SolanaFM Quantum Released

Issue #35: Lighthouse Introduced and SolanaFM Quantum Released

Lighthouse, SolanaFM Quantum, Sollogger Beta, Solana Fees, DAGGER vs. Filecoin, NFT Staking Example

⛯ Lighthouse Introduced

The latest security tool for Solana developers is Lighthouse, a program specifically developed to boost transaction security and integrity by addressing critical issues such as MEV and sandwich attacks

Lighthouse does this by making assertions on Solana's state, which, if not true, will cause the transaction to fail. This is pivotal in preventing unwanted transaction outcomes and ensuring transactions match their intended state.

The key features of Lighthouse are:

Balance Assertions - This feature allows users to assert expected account balances at the end of transactions, effectively preventing unauthorized asset extraction and safeguarding signer assets.

Instruction Integrity Checks - Lighthouse validates instruction data, protecting against manipulation including complex attacks like sandwich attacks. This ensures the integrity of transaction instructions.

Transaction Finality Assurance - By ensuring the immutability of transactions post-validation, this feature maintains the integrity and finality of transactions on the blockchain.

Probing Defense Mechanism - Lighthouse offers robust protection against both white hat and malicious probing, ensuring the security of Solana programs against various types of threats.

Combatting MEV Attacks - MEV attacks involve miners or validators manipulating transaction orders to extract value, and Lighthouse's features help in mitigating such risks.

By enabling assertions about account balances and state, Lighthouse enables developers to secure their apps, ensuring transactions adhere to expected conditions.

Lighthouse is developed by @jacobdotsol and has already been to deployed to Devnet with a Mainnet launch planned very soon.

💎 Solana Developer News

SolanaFM Quantum Transition
SolanaFM has transitions to Quantum, a massive upgrade to their block explorer. More than 90,000 users (including me!) helped test and give feedback. Advanced features like the Transaction Header and Advanced Filters let you easily dig deeper into Solana transactions.

Sologger Developer Feedback Request
Sologger is asking the Solana developer community for feedback on using their suite of libraries and binaries that parse raw Solana RPC logs emitted into structured logs for transport to a LogStash or OpenTelemetry endpoint.

Solana Fees, Part 1
This deep dive into Solana’s fee mechanism emphasizes the importance of fee structures in blockchains for resource allocation and incentive creation among network participants like users, developers, and validators. It covers existing incentives for efficiency and compatibility, and how local fee markets work.

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

exiled-jup is another $JUP airdrop checker with sample code.

memento is a tool from Jito Labs to bulk load and store historical account state from Solana snapshots from Google Cloud Storage.

Revokin lets you check and remove delegates from your token accounts to prevent wallet draining attacks.

🎧 Listen to This


Armani Ferrante is one of Solana's most prolific contributors. From Anchor to Madlads to Backpack and now Backpack Exchange, his vision for bringing crypto to the masses is truly multi-faceted. In this conversation, we focus primarily on his ambitions for Backpack Exchange.

We dig into his learnings from working as an engineer at FTX, how Backpack is architected from a technical standpoint, and how he sees crypto adoption playing out in the near future.

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