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  • Issue #14: OPOS Hackathon, Switchboard Functions and Solana AI

Issue #14: OPOS Hackathon, Switchboard Functions and Solana AI

Only Possible on Solana Hackathon, Switchboard Functions, TAL AI, Encode Sessions, The 76 Devs, and Ironforge Beta

🔨 Only Possible on Solana Hackathon

Back in Issue #10 I mentioned a proposed #OPOS hackathon. Well now it’s actually going to happen thanks to LamportDAO!

The hackathon will kick off on August 1st and runs for three weeks. There will be several tracks including DePIN, Compression, DeFi and sponsors like Phantom, Balaji, and Helium.

I’ll be taking part in this one by adding Token-2022 non-transferable NFTs to my project Vanward!

⚙️ Switchboard Functions

Switchboard Functions allow you to execute your own Rust code off-chain to enable the seamless integration of real-world data into Solana programs, ensuring trust and accuracy in decentralized apps.

A Switchboard Function is executed within its own Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) which provides verification that the code being executed matches the expected measurement authorized by the function's owner.

Functions can be executed as a pre-defined cron job or on-demand for automating tasks on-chain with custom conditional logic.

You can create a Switchboard function with the following steps:

  1. Creating a Switchboard Function

  2. Define Switchboard interface in your program

  3. Write a custom function in Rust

  4. Deploy function to Docker container

  5. Create Switchboard function account

  6. Fund, Lease & Integrate

See Tools & Resources below for a starter template.

🤖 Trustless Autonomous Layer AI

TAL is a “trustless DePIN for on chain AI” model results.

Think of it as the Chainlink of AI. When you request an AI result on TAL, a network of oracles all run the same model, with the same seed and come to a consensus on what your result is.

Programs pay for each AI result generated, and engineers earn royalties each time their model is used.

If you’re interested in building, using, or mining on TAL you can apply here.

💎 Solana Developer News

Encode Summer Hackathon Sessions
The Encode x Solana hackathon is nearing the end, but you can check out this playlist of all the educational session they hosted. Topics include using Solana Pay, Elusiv, Pyth, compressed NFTs, durable nonces, and Wormhole.

Durable Nonces and Offline Transactions
This guide is a deep-dive into Solana's Durable Nonces, a way to create and sign transactions that can be submitted at any point in the future making your user's experience more reliable and deterministic.

The 76 Devs Discord Community
The 76 is a new community of Web3 developers, learners, and creators mostly focused on Solana. They’ll be opening up applications for the Mentor roles with the ability to post to the content channels.

SolSplits (Beta)
The SolSplits Protocol is a composable standard for splitting on-chain income on the Solana Network. Splits allow users to choose revenue-generating NFT’s, define payment terms, calculate and manage expenses, and more.

Ironforge Public Beta Release
Ironforge is a robust “serverless Solana developer platform” designed to simplify the development of applications on the Solana blockchainwith a suite of tools to streamline your development process.

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

solana-functions-template is a template for getting started with Switchboard’s new Solana Functions. Includes examples for pulling spot prices from Binance and using Switchboard secrets.

bubble-cli is a CLI tool for minting a compressed NFT collection in just 4 steps. The repo also includes a tutorial teach you how to install Bubble and use its basic commands to configure and deploy a compressed NFT collection to Solana's devnet.

Helius Test Drive is an open source Postman-like API tool that allows users to make RPC calls to the Solana blockchain using any RPC URL. It provides a convenient interface to test speeds and examine the returns of the RPC calls.

IDL generation through compilation is a new method of IDL generation method that hooks into Anchor’s derive and attribute macros to generate IDLs instead of parsing program source files. This may cause some issues with existing IDLs and apps, so it’s important to keep up to date on this change.

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🎙️ Listen to This

Validated - Armani Ferrante

With Anchor, Backpack, and Mad Lads under his belt, Armani Ferrante is one of Solana's most senior and prolific developers.

In this episode, Armani reflects on the values and design philosophies that first attracted him to the Solana ecosystem and where he thinks the ecosystem is headed.

He also discusses some of the tech behind xNFTS and Backpack, their use cases, and the importance of building applications users actually want.

Thanks for reading ✌️

I hope you found something useful here! If you have any suggestions or feedback just let me know what you think.

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