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  • Issue #18: OPOS Announces Hackathon Tracks and Cubik Funds Game Jam Projects

Issue #18: OPOS Announces Hackathon Tracks and Cubik Funds Game Jam Projects

OPOS Hackathon Tracks, Cubik Speedrun Funding, Solana Development made easy, and the Rekt Test

🏆 OPOS Hackathon Sponsor Tracks

The “Only Possible On Solana” hackathon officially kicked off this week and the list of sponsor tracks and prizes means this is going to be a big one!

There are 30+ prizes to go after from some of the biggest names in Solana including SolBlaze, Light Protocol, Helius, Hxro, Ellipsis, Solana Foundation, SuperteamDAO, Crossmint, Raydium, Jupiter, Audius, Ironforge, Backpack and more!

This Airtable page has everything you need to know about each sponsor prize, including:

  • Track Goal

  • Track Prizes

  • Requirements

  • Links

  • Examples

  • Judges

If you’re building a project for OPOS let me know so I can follow along. I want to feature some of the projects in a future edition of this newsletter!

🗳️ Cubik Speedrun Funding Round

In last week’s issue I shared the Solana Speedrun Game Jam, a 5-day gaming hackathon that produced some solid, playable games built on Solana.

Now Cubik is hosting a quadratically funded grants round for projects coming out of the Game Jam. Quadratic funding is a crowdfunding mechanism to ensure that smaller contributors have a greater impact.

So go check out the games, give them a play, and contribute to the ones you like, but hurry because this Cubik funding round only lasts for a few more days.

💎 Solana Developer News

Metaplex’s Umi SDK Adds Library for Compressed NFTs
If you need to work with Compressed NFTs, a new Javascript client for Mpl Bubblegum is now live letting you Mint, Transfer, Burn, and manage collections and trees.

Solana Development is Easier Than You Think
Kash from SuperteamDAO busts some common myths about how difficult it supposedly is to develop for Solana. There’s also a great roundup of tools and tutorials to get you started.

Flipside Helius LiveQuery Integration
Flipside welcomes Helius Labs data to LiveQuery, bringing unprecedented access to Solana account and transaction data. You can query Helius APIs right from the Flipside SQL studio.

Anchor Remaining Accounts Tutorial 
This is the single greatest video I’ve ever seen! 🤣 It’s also a “cadet tutorial” video that I created as requirement of the Web3 Builder’s Alliance Solana Cohort. Not my best work and a bit of an audio glitch, but it covers a handy feature for certain use cases.

⚡Quick Hits

Guide to Setting up a User Profile with Solana and Unity - Article

Deep dive into Address Lookup Tables on Solana - YouTube

The Experimental web3.js Chronicles: Public/Secret Keys Edition - Tweet

Solang Solidity Hello World Program Walkthrough - Article

Deserializing Account Data on Solana - Article

Token 2022 Project Status Board - GitHub

You might notice I’m still calling them “Tweets”, and not Xeets, TwiX, Posts, X’s, or anything else. This is the hill I will die on.

⚙️ Tools & Resources

web3.js July Roadmap is all of the work that went into @solana/web3.js in July 2023.

Rekt Test is a baseline standard of handling seven critical security requirements launched by Immunefi, Trail of Bits, and the Solana Foundation. The full details of the Rekt Test will be released on August 14.

solana-bankrun is a superfast, powerful and lightweight framework for testing Solana programs in NodeJS. You can also do things that are not possible with solana-test-validator, such as jumping back and forth in time or dynamically setting account data.

Nonce Wallet Adapter is a proposed PR to enable clients to use durable nonces to improve the user experience when executing transactions with the Solana Wallet Adapter

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The leading suite of services connecting developers with Web3 infrastructure, powering applications in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, and everything in between.

🎙️ Listen to This


This episode is about compressed NFTs, but the first half is an absolute master class in finding Product Market Fit (PMF) from the founders of Tensor.

When Tensor launched, Magic Eden was the dominant Solana NFT marketplace by a wide margin. Tensor set itself apart by targeting “prosumer” NFT collectors and taking advantage of the up & coming NftFi space.

_ilmoi and 0xrwu discuss how Tensor is building the #1 NFT marketplace in Solana and why compressed NFTs are Solana's new unlock.

They cover why they chose Solana, the advantages of professional vs retail products, compressed NFTs, Tensor's roadmap, crypto's path to mass adoption and more!

Thanks for reading ✌️

I hope you found something useful here! If you have any suggestions or feedback just let me know what you think.

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