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  • Issue #27: Retroactive Public Goods Funding and Solana's Future

Issue #27: Retroactive Public Goods Funding and Solana's Future

Public Goods Funding, Content Hackathon, Helius Mint API, Star Atlas Tools, Squads v4, Soda, Kotlin SDK

💯 Solana Retroactive Public Goods Funding

The Solana Retro Public Goods Funding is a program by OpenBlock Labs where $250,000 of funding for public goods projects is allocated to initiatives that have already made an impact on the Solana community.

The allocation is determined through a voting process involving a diverse set of community delegates and funds are distributed to the projects that have been listed in the final results.

The program includes various efforts such as creating tools like developer SDKs, APIs, oracles, and educational resources to promote dApp development. It also involves the development of protocols and standards to enhance governance.

During the program, individuals can nominate projects by submitting relevant details and links on the forum.

The nominated projects should contribute to the Solana tech stack, developer ecosystem, governance, and user experience and adoption.

✍🏽 Written Content Hackathon

Back in Issue #10 I shared an idea shared by Mert of Helius for an “Only Possible on Solana” hackathon.

Just a few weeks later that hackathon became a reality and a bunch of projects were submitted across 31 tracks.

What about a Solana hackathon for written and educational content only?

It might be just an idea for now, but if the OPOS hackathon was any indication I’d start thinking about what you want to create for it now!

🔮 Solana: Past, Present, and Future

This report from Nansen provides an in-depth look at Solana's performance and growth in the blockchain space.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Solana's Total Value Locked (TVL) has almost doubled

  • Solana's staking yield is currently double that of Ethereum

  • Solana has maintained 100% uptime year-to-date

  • Visa introducing settlement of USDC on Solana

  • Solana's state compression technology significantly reduces minting and transaction costs for NFTs

  • DRiP emerged as the largest collection of Solana NFTs

The document also discusses the importance of measuring decentralization and the need for bridging infrastructure and native asset support in the Solana ecosystem.

Overall, Solana's performance and adoption are seen as positive, but there are still areas for improvement.

💎 Solana Developer News

Helius Mint API
The Mint API streamline the process of minting compressed NFTs by handling Merkle tree management, dealing with the storage layer and associated costs, and ensures the seamless upload of off-chain metadata to Arweave.

Star Atlas Unlocks Tools to Help Game Devs Build on Solana
Star Atlas creator ATMTA is providing game developers with access to its toolkit and documentation. This initiative gives developers the opportunity to dive into Star Atlas, with free access to its range of imagery, audiovisual content, Unreal Engine tools, APIs, and more.

Squads Protocol v4
Squads Protocol v4 is the latest iteration of the multisig standard for the Solana ecosystem, introducing enhanced features such as Time Locks, Sub-accounts, Roles and Permissions, Spending Limits, Support for Address Lookup Tables, Network Fee Relayer, Enhanced Security, and Wider Application Scope.

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

solana-kmp leverages the power of Kotlin Multiplatform SDK to enable developers to create and sign transactions using various signer modules and interact with Solana across various platforms including Android, iOS Ecosystem, and the JVM.

soda is game-changer for Solana that lets devs generate clients from an IDL, or even create new Solana IDLs straight from a UI so developers can focus on building interoperable dApps and reduce boilerplate tasks.

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🎙️ Listen to This

The Cove

I mentioned the Star Atlas developer tools above, but if you want to learn more about what Star Atlas is, check out this podcast with the project’s founder to see what they’re building and the lessons developers can learn from the ambitious project.

What would happen if you embarked on the ambitious task of building a web3 game from the ground up in space? How do you craft a vibrant incentive aligned in space economy? How does a web3 enable the Triple-A game to differ from regular Triple A's? How do you keep the community engaged along the development cycle?

Today The Cove heads into space to chat about Star Atlas with the one and only Michael Wagner

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