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  • Issue #45: Solana Integrates Filecoin for Decentralized Data Storage

Issue #45: Solana Integrates Filecoin for Decentralized Data Storage

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🤝 Solana Leverages Filecoin Data Storage

Filecoin and Solana have announced an integration to address data accessibility and decentralization issues within the Solana network.

By leveraging Filecoin's decentralized storage capabilities, Solana moves away from centralized storage solutions, improving the reliability and scalability of its network.

This integration provides a decentralized approach to storing block history, which is critical for infrastructure providers, explorers, indexers, or anyone that needs historical access to Solana's data.

The direct benefits of storing the Solana history on Filecoin is better data accessibility, redundancy, scalability, and security for the Solana blockchain.

The collaboration also involves contributions from Triton One, a Solana RPC provider, and Web3 file storage provider Dcent.

💎 Solana Developer News

Solana Substreams Tutorials
The Graph supports Solana through Substreams, an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for using blockchain data efficiently within applications. Here are several tutorials on building Substreams with Solana data including an SPL Token Tracker, NFT Trades, and DEX Trades.

Backpack Adds Wormhole Bridging with Ethereum
The integration of Wormhole within Backpack enables bridging assets between Solana and Ethereum, unlocking new use cases within the Backpack ecosystem.

Crypto firms hiring Solana-literate devs
Dan Eskow, founder of Web3 talent agency Up Top, says the shift towards Rust from previously in-demand languages like Solidity signifies a trend in blockchain development, highlighting the growing opportunities for Rust developers due to the increasing adoption of Rust within Solana and emerging L1 technologies like Monad.

SolanaFM Developer Portal Updates
The revamped SolanaFM Developer Dashboard now includes API Keys for seamless API interaction, a streamlined onboarding process, detailed user metrics, and Web2-based authentication. Additionally, improved Webhooks support offers direct access to raw parsed transactions and more efficient Webhook management.

Fluxbeam Token Extensions Hackathon
FluxBeam is hosting the Token Extensions Hackathon, an opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and push the boundaries of Solana tokens with a prize pool of $25,000 of $FLUXB and $SOL. Projects must use at least one Token Extension and provide clear documentation detailing your token and its utilities. The hackathon runs for 60 days with winners announced May 1st.

⚙️ Tools & Resources

nft-floor-price is an example of how to use Shyft's DAS and GraphQL APIs to retrieve the floor price of an NFT collection with data aggregated from Magic Eden, Tensor, and Sniper.

transfer-hook-order-tracker serves as a simple example demonstrating how to use Token-2022's Transfer Hook extension to create a protocol built on top of transfer hooks that enforces the use of soulbound tokens and some arbitrary “profile” on transfer.

Meta data pointer extension example in Anchor to save additional data about your NFT on chain in a key value store and change it in a program

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🎧 Listen to This


Matty Taylor is the man behind some of the biggest hackathons in all of crypto (such as Grizzlython and Hyperdrive among many others).

He recently left his role as Head of Growth at Solana Foundation to build Colosseum, an organization dedicated to running Solana-centric hackathons with a built-in accelerator for select winners.

Throughout this episode, Matty covers why hackathons have historically produced some of Solana's best projects (Tensor and STEPN for example) and how aspiring founders can best position themselves for success.

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