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  • Issue #30: Solana Labs Incubator and Seahorse Swims Again

Issue #30: Solana Labs Incubator and Seahorse Swims Again

Solana Labs Incubator, Seahorse Dev, Encode Accelerator, Shyft RPC, Backpack Mobile Wallet

🎃 Happy Halloween!👻

I hope you’re having a spook-tacular time at Breakpoint! It feels like I’m the only person in Solana not attending, so I’m you’re probably there without me. (say gm to everyone for me)

Unfortunately I just couldn’t swing it this year, but I’ll share the highlights of any big announcements in the next issue.

Here’s some of the latest news announced just before Breakpoint 2023 kicks off…

🐣 Solana Labs Incubator

Solana Labs is opening the Solana Incubator, a program designed to accelerate the growth and development of Web3 and blockchain projects to turn concepts into market-ready solutions.

Here's what web developers joining the program can expect to receive:

Mentorship - Direct access to Solana Labs’ engineering team means developers can get hands-on guidance and mentorship.

Fundraising Opportunities - The program connects developers with Solana Ventures and a network of top VCs.

Networking - Developers will be able to connect with other like-minded professionals, industry experts, and potential partners within the Solana ecosystem.

Marketing - Solana Labs offers the use of its marketing channels and brand power, giving developers a significant boost in terms of visibility and audience reach for their projects.

Market Fit Analysis - Assistance in identifying product market fit with the help of Solana Labs’ go-to-market support.

Industry Insights - Mentorship from industry leaders offers developers a chance to gain insights and knowledge that can help shape the strategic direction of their projects.

Accepted projects will receive support from the Solana Labs team and partners throughout the development, marketing and launch phases of their projects.

Applications will be open until November 30.

🐎 Seahorse is Back

Seahorse is a framework enabling you to craft Anchor compatible Solana programs using Python instead of Rust, while maintaining the safety assurances typical of Rust programs

However, progress on Seahorse paused in February and updates in Anchor introduced some breaking changes.

Fortunately, with backing from Solana Foundation, development on Seahorse is picking up again with Seahorse Dev which comes with a suite of refreshed resources including the GitHub repository, documentation, Rust crate, and CLI tools.

In additional to the fork, a new education program called Seahorse University is being launched.

The course promises a deep dive into the Solana account model, mastering program development in Python, building applications with Python and TypeScript, and understanding Anchor and Rust through the lens of the Seahorse framework.

💎 Solana Developer News

Announcing Encode Club’s Solana Accelerator
In addition to the Solana Labs Incubator program above, Encode Club is also kicking off Solana Accelerator, an eight-week online program starting on 2nd November designed to transform the most promising Hackathon and early-stage Bootcamp projects into fully-fledged startups.

Introducing Shyft RPC v1.0
Shyft has announced the release of Shyft RPC v1.0, a new offering aimed at improving the development experience on the Solana blockchain by focusing on cost efficiency, high uptime, and fast performance RPC APIs.

Jupiter Planetary Developer Week
Planetary Developer Week is dedicated to teaching Solana developers how build with the tools the Jupiter offers including the Quoting API, Payments, Terminal, Unified Wallet Kit, and Jupiter Gaming Unity SDK.

⚡Quick Hits

Backback Mobile Wallet released in iOS App Store - @xNFT_Backpack

Token-2022: The Future of SVM Tokens - Mad News

Ryder will integrate Solana: Joining the mission for Mainstream Web3 Adoption - Ryder

Helius releases Transaction WebSockets - @heliuslabs

IoTeX's W3bstream Solana Integration - @iotex_io

Turbine: Block Propagation on Solana Explained - Helius

OnFinality RPC API adds support for Solana blockchain - OnFinality

Gasless cNFT minting on Solana - @Shyft_to

Firedancer’s latest technical milestone: fd_quic - @jump_firedancer

Night Market shuts down but code available to fork - @nightmarketio

⚙️ Tools & Resources

snapshots is an informal guide to reading the Solana snapshot format to read the accounts in a snapshot without going through the pain of interfacing with the Solana Labs codebase.

solana-web3-template is a robust template powered by Next.js and integrated with Nightly Connect wallet.

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🎙️ Listen to This


Jon Charbonneau on how integrated and modular chains are on an inevitable path toward the same endgame. Jon is an investor and the most prolific researcher in the space who understands the nuances and tradeoffs of the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems.

In this episode, Jon covers what SVM adoption means for Solana, if rollups scale Ethereum, why Jon is spending more time in Solana and the SVM, the convergence of the integrated and modular roadmap, how rollups will leverage Solana and more!

Thanks for reading ✌️

I hope you found something useful here! If you have any suggestions or feedback just let me know what you think.

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