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  • Issue #36: Q3 Solana Insights, Uptime, and Energy Use

Issue #36: Q3 Solana Insights, Uptime, and Energy Use

Q3 Report, Gaming, mtndao v5, Circle Faucet, Stockpile Season, Jupiter on Lightspeed Podcast

💰 Step Finance Solana Q3 Report

Step Finance’s report presents a comprehensive review of highlights for Q3 2023 including ecosystem data, growth and narratives and Solana Foundation’s energy use report paints a bright future for the Solana ecosystem.

Solana has been hitting its stride in the third quarter of 2023, especially in the DeFi space where liquid staking and airdrop farming are encouraging more people to jump on board.

Solana devs are seriously upping their game too, laying the groundwork for the kind of infrastructure that can handle a bigger crowd and more action.

Solana is the fourth largest network by active developers with 1475, a number 20 times higher than what was speculated by unverified sources in early 2023.

That number still seems low when you consider there were more than 10k signups for Grizzlylthon Hackathon and 5k+ for Hyperdrive Hackathon.

In the past, Solana has been criticized over network instability and outages, but the efforts to address these issues are starting to pay off. Solana has had a 100% uptime in the last eight months.

The number of active addresses on Solana has dipped a bit, but overall held pretty steady with daily active addresses averaging around 250k with an avergae of 100k daily fee payers in Q3.

For the first time, the Solana Foundation offset the Solana network’s carbon footprint by purchasing 10,901.2 tons of carbon credits entirely on-chain. Energy use per transaction decreased 25% while total network emissions decreased by 17.5%.

Overall, Solana presents opportunities for development in DeFi, NFTs, and infrastructure with a strong developer community, improved network stability, and robust on-chain metrics thanks to the influx of liquidity and the rise in TVL for DeFi.

💎 Solana Developer News

Gaming: How Solana is Changing the Playfield
This article is a comprehensive guide to the tools and frameworks for building Solana-integrated games, such as Anchor, Turbo, Magicblock, and the Solana Unity and Unreal SDKs. It also discusses Honeycomb and GameShift, platforms that facilitate the integration of Web3 elements in gaming.

mtndao v5 Applications Open
The mtndao Summit runs all February long in Salt Lake City, offering developers a unique experience of building and collaboration. The summit will be Solana focused with technical workshops, developer bootcamps, founders' school sessions, and thought leadership talks on-site.

Circle Faucet
Circle’s testnet faucet is a tool that allows developers to get 10 free $USDC or $EURC to Devnet so they can experiment with funds flows while building new apps and features. The daily limit gets hit pretty frequently so you may have to try a few times to get tokens.

⚡Quick Hits

Stockpile Season Kickoff will distribute $1k to four projects selected by community voting - @GoStockpile

Filter RPC request logs based on "slow" requests in IronForge - @italoacasas

450 developers completed bootcamps & programs in the last six months - @therealchaseeb

Project Earnings (fees) Tracker for top 56 Solana projects - flipside

SolanaFM adds full support for Compressed NFTs - @solanafm

MPCVault Multisig crypto wallet adds support for Solana - @mpcvault

Meson integrates cross-chain swaps with USDC/USDT on Solana - @mesonfi

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

solita generates a low level TypeScript SDK for Solana Rust programs from the IDL extracted by Anchor or Shank.

RPC Racing Transport is sample code using the new @solana/web3.js library to send the same request to multiple RPCs and take the fastest response.

🎧 Listen to This


Meow, the co-founder of Jupiter, joins Lightspeed to discuss how Jupiter is building crypto's leading aggregator.

Jupiter is a DEX aggregator on Solana that routes over 80% of all DEX trades! It's an absolute killer app that has served as the entry to Solana's vast ecosystem.

In this episode you’ll learn how Jupiter found PMF, why Meow chose Solana, how Jupiter will onboard millions of users, Jupiter's airdrop, Solana's massive opportunity, multichain strategies and more!

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