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  • Issue #41: Solana Scribes Content Only Hackathon and Token Extensions Introduced

Issue #41: Solana Scribes Content Only Hackathon and Token Extensions Introduced

Solana Scribes, Token Extensions, Hacker House Schedule, Aave to NeonEVM, Electric Capitals Developer Report, SagaMobileDAO Hack

📜 Solana Scribes Content Hackathon

Solana Scribes is the first-ever Solana community hackathon for written content only!

Scribes runs the entire month of February and tracks include:

  • Research

  • State of the Solana ecosystem

  • NFTs

  • DeFi

  • Tokenomics

  • Best Fictional story

  • Ecosystem tutorials

  • Source code docs

  • Case studies

Projects can sponsor a prize to get the writers to write source docs, tutorials, or guides for their companies too.

More details will be shared in the beginning of February.

🖇️ Introducing Token Extensions

Token Extensions are a huge step forward in the Solana’s programming capabilities, offering developers a sophisticated toolkit for enhancing token functionality.

These 13 advanced configurable extensions, part of the next generation of the Solana Program Library standard, build upon the foundational features of transferring, freezing, and minting tokens by introducing over a dozen advanced functionalities.

With the introduction of technologies such as confidential transfers that enhance privacy, alongside innovative compliance solutions like Transfer Hooks, this development marks a significant advancement for businesses aiming to leverage blockchain capabilities.

Developers can leverage these extensions to create enhances tokens with features such as mint close authority, transfer fees, interest-bearing capabilities, and more, all with a straightforward CLI.

Transfer hooks enable the execution of custom code during token transfers, facilitating complex interactions such as enforced on-chain royalties.

The metadata extension allows for the embedding of key-value pairs directly on-chain, opening up possibilities for detailed token customization, particularly useful in applications like gaming.

The ecosystem is already seeing adoption of these extensions, with GMO Trust announcing the release of GYEN and GUSD on Solana, and Paxos expanding stablecoin issuance to the platform.

Wallets and DEXs such as Phantom, Solflare Wallet, and FluxbeamDEX are among those supporting the token extensions.

These extensions have been audited by several reputable firms, including Osec.io, Halborn Security, Zellic.io, Trail of Bits, and NCC Group.

🏠 Solana Hacker House Schedule

Solana Hacker Houses are set to take place in various cities with tailored themes to foster learning, development, networking, and collaboration within the Solana community.

Solana Hacker Houses are coming to:

  • New York City: DeFi, Security, and Regulations - March 28-29, 2024

  • Dubai: RWA, Stablecoins, and Regulations - April 15-16, 2024

  • London: TBD - July 5-6, 2024

  • Bengaluru: TBD - July 26-27, 2024

Hacker Houses participants engage in educational activities, network, and test their blockchain projects within a community setting with workshops, panels, and presentations by industry experts.

Participants also have the chance to present their work to the community during a demo day, receiving valuable feedback on their ideas.

💎 Solana Developer News

Aave proposal to expand to Neon EVM
Back in issue #23 I shared a MakerDAO proposal to fork the Solana EVM. Now Aave may be next by deploying Aave v3 on Neon EVM. The initial “temperature check” proposal passed with 83% of voters in favor of limited types of collateral including SOL, mSOL, jitoSOL, and USDC as the only borrowable asset.

Electric Capital’s 2023 Developer Report
According to data in this report, Solana remains the top choice for non-EVM developers, with 3300 developers actively building on Solana in Q4 of 2023. Solana is growing fast with 10x growth in monthly devs since 2020 and a 5x increase in full time devs.

Magic Eden’s Non-Fungible DAO
Non-Fungible DAO aims to be a community-governed, decentralized entity focused on the growth of NFT commerce in the future. Magic Eden is set to contribute all of its NFT trading and minting protocols to Non-Fungible DAO by making them open-source.

⚡Quick Hits

QuickNode adds Digital Asset Standard (DAS) API to marketplace - QuickNode

Shyft adds Magic Eden and Sol Sniper data to GraphQL API - @Shyft_to

Wallet Connect is now LIVE on SolanaFM - @solanafm

What’s new with Solana’s transaction scheduler? - Harsh Patel

Solana Foundation joins the Tokenized Asset Coalition - @SolanaFndn

A new forum for Solana devs, researchers, and validators - Helius

Solana Mobile's Chapter Two Reaches 40,000 Preorders - Solana Floor

Jupiter LFG Project Token Launchpad Beta - @weremeow

Must-try Solana Apps for by category - @cryptowisdom7

The Solana Ecosystem: A rising phoenix - Decentralised.co

$SHDW: A Non-Technical Breakdown of the Token and its Future - Lolapenny

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

rust-wasm is an implementation of the the Solana Rust SDK into a wasm web worker.

Solan.ai is an AI that explains any Solana transaction in plain English. Currently in a private Alpha phase, aplication are open for their Priority Access List (PAL) for tool and service makers, data sources (RPC/Geyser), Solana API, and DeFi/TradFi exchanges.

Helium Modular Governance is a suite of governance programs that can be used to create a governance system for your project with on-chain voting directly from the Helium wallet app.

💀 #RIP Saga Mobile DAO

The @SagaMobileDAO has lost over $60,000 in SOL tokens, 70% of its treasury. While the DAO itself may still be around, its treasury just got rekt.

The funds were held in a multisig wallet, but this wasn’t configured correctly and allowed 1/12 signers to be the required threshold.

There’s some debate on if this was an actual hack or an inside job.

Saga DAO’s pseudonymous co-founder zkRedDevil claims they were the victim of a remote hack and said they lost $35,000 of their own money in addition to the DAO funds.

However, another co-founder Ashen is accusing zkRedDevil of stealing the funds himself.

I don’t have all the info, or any opinion at this point, but more details should start trickling out over the next few days. Whatever happened, this is a huge setback for the Saga DAO.

🎧 Listen to This


In this episode, Austin chats with Lev Gelfer and Serge Levin from DeVol Network, a low-cost, fully onchain option trading platform.

Serge and Lev dive deep into complex trades and the advantages of bringing options to blockchain, but at a higher level, this episode is an exploration of exactly the kinds of projects that are only possible on Solana.

It's a testament to how every step-function change in performance or cost unlocks entirely new use cases that were impossible to build before and how projects like DeVol are making use of these changes.

Thanks for reading ✌️

I hope you found something useful here! If you have any suggestions or feedback just let me know what you think.

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