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  • Issue #37: Speedrun Community Voting and ZK Anchor

Issue #37: Speedrun Community Voting and ZK Anchor

Speedrun Voting, ZK Anchor, Encode Hackathon, Superteens Documentary, Eclipse SVM Testnet, Token22 Extensions, Metaplex Inscriptions

🎄 Next week there won’t be an issue because I’m taking a well-earned week off for Christmas! Whatever holiday you celebrate I hope its a good one, and that you have an amazing 2024!

But don’t worry, 🎅 has plenty of goodies in his bag for you this week…

🗳️ Speedrun Community Voting Phase

Solana Speedrun 2 is the latest global gaming event, hosted by Magicblock, LamportDAO, and the Solana Foundation.

Participants had a five-day window to create a playable game that is either fully on-chain or integrated with Solana, adhering to the theme:

💀 Death is Temporary 💙

A total of $30,000 in prizes were available for participants that built the games that are both the most enjoyable and best designed!

In the community voting phase, you can contribute & vote for your favorite Solana Speedrun game.

You can support a project by leaving an upvote or by making a donation on-chain if you want the game to continue developing.

The minimum cost of is 0.1 SOL per vote, and votes are calculated based on quadratic voting. The prize pool is distributed proportional to total votes builders receive.

The top 3 vote getters so far are:

Desolation (24 votes, 11.4 SOL) - In our game, players are immersed in a strategic role-playing experience set in a post-apocalyptic world that masterfully blends digital and physical realms.

Founder Dead (9 votes, 0.86 SOL) - "Founder Dead" is narrative/story-driven game, in which the Rubian Ember is determined to save a fictional NFT Project Poopy Boxers after the founder has tragically passed away right after minting the project out.

Speedrun Survivors (5 Votes, 0.5 SOL) - We're building a Game similar to vampire Survivors with many interesting weapons, effects and enemy types. Most characters and upgrades are Cnfts

💰 Light Protocol ZK Anchor

Light Protocol’s ZK Anchor is an extension of Anchor supercharged for Zero Knowlege (ZK) applications.

At the heart of the ZK Anchor is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) equipped with Rust macros for private program logic.

The DSL plays a critical role in this ecosystem. Each Private Solana Program (PSP) includes a zk-circuit for private logic and an Anchor program for public logic, which also verifies Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs).

The CLI accompanying ZK Anchor streamlines the building and testing of PSPs.

The DSL and CLI work in tandem to auto-expand the circuit code during compilation, generating the Anchor program and IDL.

ZK Anchor also offers an RPC node to execute trasnactions with Light, allowing developers to easily implement and test PSPs.

ZK Anchor is currently in the glass-chewing early stage and developers are encouraged to start experimenting with PSPs.

💎 Solana Developer News

Encode x Solana Hackathon
Registrations are open for the Encode x Solana hackathon. Participants can earn bounties, attend workshops and win prizes. Grand prize from Solana Foundation is $10k and Sponsor-specific bounties will be announced soon.

SuperteamDAO “Superteens” Documentary
Over 2 years, Superteam followed four young, talented developers through the bear market as they continued building against all odds, and this is their story.

Eclipse SVM Testnet is Live
Eclipse, the first SVM Ethereum L2, is now live on Ethereum's Sepolia testnet and Celestia's Mocha testnet. It allows developers to bridge Sepolia ETH, deploy contracts, and interact with Eclipse Testnet apps. The first 1000 developers on Eclipse Testnet will receive a commemorative NFT.

Irys Arweave Fork Drama
Irys (formerly Bundlr) announced plans to fork Arweave. Unlike typical forks, Irys intended to reset the token supply and discard the existing dataset. In response, Arweave planned to remove Irys bundlers from its trusted set. Developers were directed to switch to alternative bundling services, such as Arweave-backed up.arweave.net for data storage.

⚡Quick Hits

Unboxed Software adds Generalized State Compression and Mobile development module to Solana course - SOLdev.app

Breakdown of the 12 Token-2022 program extensions - @0xBanana

Toly publishes first 2 posts “Asynchronous Execution” and “Multiple Concurrent Leaders” on Sollinked - Sollinked.com

The State of Compressed NFTs on Solana - angrypacifist 

Calyptus’ 3rd “Learn to Earn” Solana Cohort - @calyptus_web3

Introducing Metaplex Inscriptions and Engravings - @metaplex

Phantom adds trending apps, tokens, and collections feed - @phantom

Sonarverse adds complete historical on-chain data for Solana - @SonarverseHQ

Fuse multisig wallet coming to Solana Q1 2024 - @fusewallet

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⚙️ Tools & Resources

tour-de-zk is list of Solana zero-knowledge (ZK) applications and resources.

saber-dapp is the fully open sourced frontend for Saber DEX for builders to create alternative frontends to the Saber protocol.

crypto-ecosystems is a taxonomy for open source web3 ecosystems that Electric Capital will use to compile there 2023 Developer Report. Create a PR to add your Solana project, but submissions close very soon.

🎧 Listen to This

Chewing Glass

In this episode, Chase Barker chats with Scott Hague (aka CloakdDev), whose project, Fluxbot, won the Grand Champion prize in the latest Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon to discuss his dev journey, building on Solana, FluxBeam, & much more.

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