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Issue #19: The Solana Developer Educator Program

Solana Developer Educator Program, Network Performance Report, Encode Bootcamp, Certora Verification Tool, Solana Speedrun Projects, and Sign in With Solana.

🧑‍🏫 Solana Developer Educator Program

The developer relations team at the Solana Foundation has been helping teach the next generation of Solana builders about Solana, but the scale of those efforts are being limited by the number of developer team educators.

The Solana Developer Educator Program hopes to fix that by decentralizing Solana Education with a “train the trainers” approach.

The Solana DevRel team is hosting 3 sessions the week of Aug. 14 to cover setup and gathering students, hosting physical and virtual sessions, delivering the best presentation possible, and cultivating a long-running community.

Participants can also earn $250 from SuperteamDAO by hosting a workshop for their local Solana community to teach attendees how to get started building on Solana.

📈 July 2023 Network Performance Report

The July 2023 Solana performance report from the Solana Foundation brings good news for Solana developers.

Solana has had 100% uptime since Feb 25, boasts more than 2000 active open source developers (that’s way up from 75!) and maintains a Nakamoto co-efficient (one measure of decentralization) of 33, which is higher than Ethereum.

Network upgrades like QUIC, Stake-weighted QoS, state compression, and localized fee markets, have increased performance through periods of high demand.

Work also continues on Firedancer (a validator client being developed by Jump Crypto) and Tinydancer (Solana’s first “light client”).

💎 Solana Developer News

Encode Autumn Solana Developer Bootcamp
Back in Issue 4 I told you about the Encode Solana Summer Bootcamp, a 6-week hands-on training program for Solana developers. Encode just announced the Autumn session and is taking applications now. The autumn session runs from Aug 28 through Oct 5. Attendance is mandatory to successfully complete the bootcamp.

The curriculum covers:

  • Introduction to Blockchain / Solana theory / Rust

  • Rust / Development tools / Solana token program

  • Anchor Framework / User Interfaces

  • Solana Program Library / NFTs with Metaplex

  • Security / DeFi / Advanced features

  • Project Week

Certora Verification Tool for Solana Programs
Certora is introducing a formal verification tool to help develop more secure programs on Solana. Solana Certora Prover verifies the SBF (Solana Binary Format) compiled from Rust code, or any language that can be compiled to SBF.

Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes Solana Support
Elastic Nodes, a globally distributed node network, are now available for Solana developers. Using a geo-load-balanced infrastructure offers developers scalability without throttling or rate-limiting when demand it high.

Disclosure: Chainstack sponsors this newsletter, but that did not affect my decision to include this item in any way.

⚡Quick Hits

Superteam’s Top 5 Solana Speedrun Projects Reviewed - Article

Neon EVM ecosystem update after moving to Mainnet - Tweet

Exploring basic solana-web3.js usage in 7 minutes - YouTube

Solscan adds “Token Withheld” from Token22 support - Tweet

Ultimate Wallet adds Token22 support - Tweet

Reclaiming buffer accounts to recover Devnet SOL - Docs

Metaplex July Round-up - Tweet

⚙️ Tools & Resources

solana-compatibility-tests is a CI for checking compatibility across the Solana ecosystem and alerting early if there are breaking changes that uses GitHub actions for a daily workflow, and a simple Solana program to test the compatibility between Anchor CLI, Anchor Lang, Anchor SPL, and the Solana CLI.

Sign In With Solana adds a "Sign In With Solana" feature to the Solana Wallet Standard.

Semantic Versioning for Solana debate heats up in GitHub.

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🎙️ Listen to This


Mert kicks off the Only Possible On Solana hackathon that he is spearheading from within the Solana community.

This community driven hackathon is being orchestrated by LamportDAO, an open discord community of builders in the Solana ecosystem.

The idea is simple: encourage people to build cool and interesting products using the unique tech that is either Only Possible on Solana (aka OPOS) and get them paid for it.

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