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Issue #33: Speedrun 2 Game Jam and Shyft GraphQL

Speedrun 2, Shyft GraphQL API, Helius DAS Token22 Support, UMI Framework

I hope you had a wonderful 🦃 day (if you celebrate Thanksgiving)!

This issue may be a bit lighter than I normally publish due to taking some time off for Thanksgiving, but next week I’ll have plenty of yummy leftovers to stuff yourself with!

🕹️ Speedrun 2 Game Jam

Back in Issue #12 I shared the first Solana Speedrun Game Jam hosted by Magicblock and LamportDAO.

Well get ready for another chance to build the next great on-chain game with Speedrun 2 running from Dec 12th to Dec 17th with $10k in prizes.

Once again developers will have a limited time to create a game from scratch based on a given theme that is Solana integrated or fully on-chain.

If you’re going to participate here’s Your Playbook to Win Solana Speedrun.

💎 Solana Developer News

Shyft GraphQL Program APIs
Getting program data with getProgramAccounts() isn’t ideal due to performance issues, no pagination, and limited filters. Shyft GraphQL Program APIs let you query mainnet and devnet program using GraphQL.

SPL & Token22 support for Helius DAS API
The Helius DAS API now works with all tokens on Solana (NFTs, cNFTs, pNFTs, SPL Tokens, and Token22) with a single, unified API. The API calls also return USDC prices for tokens without additional price API calls, filter by token types, and automatically parse Token22 extensions.

⚡Quick Hits

Create a Flutter app using Solana (Series) - YouTube

Updated guide to getting started on Solana - @therealchaseeb

UMI: A Solana Framework for TypeScript - YouTube

Gib.Work GitHub issue bounty platform in private beta - Apply

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🎙️ Listen to This

Solfate Podcast

Dean’s List is a services DAO, meaning their members offer various services to the broader Solana community including detailed product feedback and marketing services.

Dimitris (aka Takisoul), contributing member of Dean's List DAO and AthensDAOx, shares the overarching visions that the Dean’s List DAO is perusing, progressing towards a network state of citizens that are able to earn a living wage. With their current members of about 55 people, each is earning an average of +$2k a month this year.

Also discussed are the logistical concerns for managing various aspects of a DAO in the current world. Including who handles payments for non-crypto payments and who manages the social media accounts for a DAO.

Thanks for reading ✌️

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